How to share your book with friends (not in the iBookstore)

iBooks Author is the most powerful digital authoring tool available.

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When iBooks Author launched in January 2012, most people were talking about textbooks and novels. But during the demo at Apple Inc. it was clear that iBooks is capable of so much more…

Imagine a representative of sales visiting a client and using the iPad to show off the company’s portfolio of products. Imagine a paper brochure being replaced by a digital catalogue complete with videos and interactive elements that make the product really shine. Imagine a product instruction manual that someone will actually read and understand what to do next.

The possibilities are endless.

If you've created a book that you don't want to sell in the iBookstore, here is the easiest way to share it:

  1. First, create your book in iBooks Author.
  2. Then, on the Apple menu bar, select “Share.” There, you will see two options: Send via email, and Export.
  3. You'll see a “Send via email” option with three other choices below: iBooks Author for Mac, iBooks for iPad, and PDF.  Whichever you choose, you will be brought to an email window. (Note: the file will be significantly larger if you choose to send it for iBooks Author for Mac or iBooks for iPad. The PDF is the smallest file choice).
  4. Click “Proceed.” The file will already be attached, and you’ll just need to enter an email address, your subject, and a message if you wish. 
  5. You can also choose to simply export the file on your computer, and then share it with a client by other means. Through this option, you can export the file as an iBooks file for the iPad, as a PDF, or as a text file. Simply choose whichever option you prefer, click next, choose where you’d like to save the file, and click export. It will export very quickly to wherever you save it. From there, you can transfer it to a friend’s computer with an external hard drive, flash drive, or by uploading it online. You could even share via a cloud service like Dropbox.

You are all set! Now you can share your portfolio or deliver your client’s photos in a completely new and engaging way. Are you taking advantage of the possibilities? Let us know in the comments below!